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SMSF Focused Auditors

Specialised. Paperless. Australian



SMSF Audit Group is a fully independent  SMSF Focused Audit firm that provides quality, up-to-date financial and compliance Audit services Australia wide, at a  cost-effective price, to Accounting firms and SMSF trustees alike.






SMSF Audit Group provide pro-active advice and solutions for your Audit issues, along with our annual compliance services. We uphold timley turnaround times to fit in with the clients expectations.

More often than not compliance issues can be accurately assessed and a solution provided to assist the trustee prior to the issue becoming a contravention. We have extensive experience in dealing with compliance issues and assisting with the rectification process, along with education to help Accountants and trustees understand the best call of action.


The SMSF Audit Group team encompasses years of practical SMSF compliance, advice and audit experience. Our team of qualified accountants are SMSF auditors registered with ASIC, and maintain a high standard of audit based knowledge to maintain industry and regulatory requirements. All audits are performed in Australia.


Please contact our team to find out how SMSF Audit Group can work with you. Ask about our fixed fee option, turn around times and paperless data handling approach.  

Audit Data Transfer

Although SMSF Audit Group is located on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, our innovative technology solutions allow us to service interstate clients. 


We support the use digital data handling and encourage a paperless approach. SMSF Audit Group uses CloudOffis SMSF Audit software which integrates into Class Super or BGL to create a digital partnership and platform for you to keep on top of the work in progress of your audits. Your own real time Audit interface. 

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